ScalePath is the implementation toolkit for large site SEO.

  • Implement changes to your site without ongoing
support from your dev team
  • By using ScalePath, product and SEO teams can shorten the implementation cycle from 9+ months to less than 2 months.

We’re growing at scale:

ScalePath makes it to the

Top 10 List.

Used across many industries / markets

ScalePath is targeted at a handful of online verticals where it can make the biggest impact. Websites that adopt ScalePath enjoy significant competitive advantage.

Generating an Extra US $65m in Revenue by Targeting Under Valued Pages

We worked closely with the product and engineering teams to build in-house IP for our client.

Our Approach

Using the Page Value Finder and Performance Gap Engine modules, we were able to update Expedia’s internal linking structure to reduce ‘leakage’ to low value pages and increase authority to pages with high potential to drive additional traffic.

Why choose ScalePath

While there are plenty of Enterprise SEO tools at our disposal to provide insights, there is no other tool that can support implementing SEO changes at scale

Implementing changes to the site without dev team support

Enterprise SEOs wait an average of six to nine months for their highest priority technical change to be implemented.

Showing the impact of the work, building business cases, getting buy-in

Unlike A/B testing tools or ads platforms, most SEO tools aren’t customised enough to make rigorous business cases and quantify impact.

The bigger your site, the more tech SEO matters

Getting the platform right can be the difference between maintaining a strong SEO presence

And seeing traffic and share of voice eroded at every algorithm update.

ScalePath Tools

Research & Quantification

Enterprise Scale Crawler

Crawl millions of pages
with precision at high speed.

Addressable Market Mapper

Large scale and evolving analysis of
market potential and total
addressable market.

Implementation & Automation

Dynamic Implementer

Publish our recommendations
through direct upload or using your tag management solution.

Smart Linker

Automates the generation &
placements of internal links.

Brand Safe AI Writer Model

Create unique, valuable, Search engine
safe, and on brand content thanks to custom built
GPT models.

Dynamic Robots Directive

Manage low quality or duplicate pages by deindexing or canonicalising them.

Index & Crawl Budget Manager

Identify crawl deficit and resource hoarding pages & templates.

Research & Quantification

Perf. Gap Engine

AI identifies performance gaps
and recommends opportunities.

Page Value Finder

Dynamically Identifies and
classifies high value pages.

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